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FBLA: An Overview

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. It is the largest student business organization in the world. FBLA is a great opportunity to interact with your school and community. Together, our goal is to become leaders who inspire others to be leaders as well. While in FBLA, you can participate in fun chapter meetings, community service, and leadership opportunities, and further your education while attending conferences. There, you can attend workshops, network with people from different chapters, and compete in a wide variety of events. 

Creston FBLA's adviser is Ms. Smith. Check us out today!


FBLA-PBL’s conferences help students prepare for careers in business by focusing on academic competitions. Students will also have the opportunity to partake in workshops, listen to guest speakers, and network with other students. 

State Fall Leadership Conference

October 4, 2020 · Virtual


Regional Leadership Conference

January 30, 2021 · Chariton, Iowa


State Leadership Conference

April 1-3, 2021 · Coralville, Iowa

National Leadership Conference

June 29-July 2, 2021 · Anaheim, California


Academic Competitions

Competitive Events

The FBLA National Awards Program, also known as competitive events, recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. FBLA competitive events also prepare students for successful careers in business by providing opportunities to apply classroom concepts in a workforce-simulated competitive environment. You can talk to Ms. Smith about which events would work the best for you. Get started early so that you are well prepared for the conference. We want to put our best foot forward to promote our chapter, to get experience in presenting and working with a team, and to maybe get a shot at Nationals!

Business Achievement Awards

The Business Achievement Awards (BAA) are an aggressive, self-directed, results-based business and leadership program designed to compliment academics while accelerating a student's leadership skills. The awards focus on the words surrounding the FBLA crest: Service, Education, and Progress. There is a heavy emphasis on education with integrated classroom projects. The individual recognition is a four-tier program aligned with the FBLA-PBL Goals, NBEA Standards, and Career Clusters. The BAA has 4 distinct award levels: Future, Business, Leader, and America. Each level builds upon previous work, and you will receive recognition when you complete each level. 



This award focuses on basic business skills, introduction to community service, and FBLA involvement at a local level. 



Prerequisite: Future Award. This award focuses on local and district/regional and state involvement, intermediate business skills, and leadership in the community. 



Prerequisites: Future and Business Awards. This award focuses on local, district/regional, state, and national involvement, advanced business skills, and community leadership.



Prerequisites: Future, Business, and Leader Awards. This award focuses on total association leadership, business skills, and involvement in the community. 

Community Service Awards

The Community Service Awards (CSA) are awards that are given to recognize the work FBLA students do in their communities. These can be any activities they were involved in, whether they were through FBLA or not. Community Service is one of the main focuses in FBLA. CSA's award students for their extraordinary commitments to their communities. The CSA has 3 distinct levels: Community, Service, and Achievement.  Each level builds upon previous work, and you will receive recognition when you complete each level.



50 hours of community service.



200 hours of community service.



500 hours of community service.

Community Service

One of the main purposes of FBLA is to foster in students the importance of giving back. Here are some of the activities the Creston FBLA Chapter has participated in:

Fundraising for March of Dimes
Purchased Christmas gifts for a local family in need
Helped clean up Balloon Days field
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Creston Specialty Care Events (Halloween & Christmas decorating, landscaping, and resident crafts)
Activities with Creston Middle and Elementary, St. Malachy, and Mayflower students 
Participated in Money Smart Week
Creston Bright Eyes
Fundraising for Union County Honor Flights (Victories for Vets, Fight for Flights, & Friday Night Flights) 

Join FBLA for great opportunities to serve our community!


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